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Please send us in all your latest catch reports on BM Baits and we will put them on this page for you!
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Tony Cook from Dorset nipped down to a local lake for a quick overnight session and was rewarded with this 20lb 8oz mirror . Tony used a 18mm tangee bird over 20 freebies from a small spot 10 yards out .



This stunning 29lb 8oz mirror was the highlight of a 4 fish catch for Sam King from Wimbourne . Sam fished a private lake for a 20 hour session and caught all his fish on the tangee bird in 18mm over a margin spot which he baited with the spring pellet mix soaked in the tangerine infused fish oil .



Chris Moore from Wiltshire had a amazing night on his local club water when he had 4 twenties topped by this 24lb 6oz linear . Chris used the tangee bird in 18mm to tempt his catch and the other fish weighed in at 20lb , 20lb 4oz and 24lb 4oz .



Tony Cook from Dorset has had a sucessful end of the season on his local club water as this 25lb plus mirror known as lumpy proves . Tony used a 18mm red squid bottom bait over 200 freebies to a bar at 40 yards range .



First Time BM baits user Ryan Dawes tempted this 13lb ghostie on a trip to a local water near his midlands home . Ryan used a 14mm crab and cray bottom bait fished on a silt spot at 70 yards over 30 spods of boilie and particle .



David Stone from Dorset has joined a new syndicate this year and thought the crab and cray would be a good choice for his bait for the year . It seems David made the right choice as this 21lb 8oz mirror proves . David used a 14mm bottom bait with half a kilo of freebies which he put to showing fish and also added a lovely 22lb common as well during his 3 night session .



Stuart 'Wiggy' Morgan caught his first carp of the year in the shape of this 21lb 2oz mirror . Stuart did a day session on a local syndicate and used a 18mm tangee bird bottom bait with 20 freebies to tempt his fish .



Ryan Chapman has continued from his success from last year and this new personal best of 32lb 2oz mirror known as the nut is the icing on the cake for all the hard work he has put in . Ryan used a 18mm crab and cray bottom bait with a 14mm crab and black pepper beacon fished snowman style over half a kilo of freebies . Ryan also caught 2 other fish to 24lb on has 3 night session on a local club water .



Gary Tomkins from southampton fished a local club water and caught one of the lakes biggest residents in the shape of this 22lb 8oz mirror known as heathers mate . Gary used a soon to be released bait with a 100 freebies and some winter pellet mix for his catch .



Robbie Board from Alderholt caught this lovely 20lb 8oz common from his local syndicate during a quick afternoon session . Robbie used a 14mm tangee bird bottom bait with a small pva bag of winter pellet mix to tempt his only fish of the session .


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