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Please send us in all your latest catch reports on BM Baits and we will put them on this page for you!
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I received a nice email from long time BM user Ryan Dawes detaling a recent session . Ryan said ' pleased to say the bait was off to a flyer.Managed to bag one despite the freezing weather.i went to my usual venue and fished solid pva bags of pellet and hpc bollie to baited areas of around 60 yards firm silt,i baited up with 20 freebies at the start of the session and topped up with a pouchfull through out the session with a tangerine + butyric acid yellow beacon in the bag.This tiny common weighed 10 lb on the dot but saved a blank. ' Well done mate !



Owen Parker from Redlynch fished his local day ticket water Witherington farm to catch this 20lb 14oz mirror . Owen fished the local water which has a boilie ban with a hair rigged piece of pepperami which had been glugged in some crab and cray glug . This was then put into a solid pva bag full of some all season winter white pellet mix . This fish topped a 6 fish catch on his day only session . Great fishing mate , well done !



Liam Sinclair fished a 48 hour session on Grainthorpe carp lake and ended up beating his personal best with his first ever thirty at 32lb 2oz . Liam used a 14mm tangee bird bottom bait tipped with a 10mm crab and black pepper beacon . He fished this over 20 whole and chopped freebies . Well done Liam !



Charlie Callaway from ringwood has been doing a few short sessions on a couple of local club waters and has been catching a few as this 22lb 2oz common shows . Charlie said ' here is a 22lb 2oz common from a short day session on a local club water fishing only a couple foot out! I caught it on BM Baits Crab and Cray tipped with a bit of artificial corn over a bed of crushed and whole crab and cray!' Thats some great skills Charlie so well done !



A bit of a late one now but i have just received a email detailing TJ Elliots fishing this summer . TJ has been fishing a very busy local club water and has been having a few as this stunning 33lb 1oz mirror shows . TJ has been using a mixture of crab and cray and the marathan mix to catch his fish with this one coming as part of a 5 fish catch . Well done mate !



Here is a lovely 27lb 8oz linear from TJ's summer fishing trips .



Martyn Royale used the marathan mix for the first time on his local syndicate and came away with a 4 fish haul including this 28lb plus mirror known as Arthur . This fish which is the second biggest fish in the lake and also a new personal best for Martyn fell for a 18mm hookbait in a pva bag of summer pellet mix . Well done Martyn !



Luke Thompson was using BM baits for the first time after seeing someone catch a couple on the crab and cray at his local water . Luke emailed saying ' Caught this stunning 29lb-er on a local club water using BM Baits Crab & Cray , fishing a single dumbell bottom bait over a small bed of 18mm freebies, on a simple withy pool style snakebite rig. A new PB for me, cant recommend BM baits enough, i can safely say id be confident taking crab & cray on any water! Cheers Stu! Nice one Luke and well done on the new pb !



First time customer Tim Page has been in touch to tell us about his recent french trip . Tim used a mixture of the crab and cray and the red squid tangerine to tempt mirrors to 47lb plus , commons to 34lb plus ( pictured ) , catfish to 45lb , bream to 8lb and a 4lb eel . Sounds like you had a great time Tim , well done !


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