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Boilies Red Squid, Red Squid Tangerine, Crab & Cray, HPC, Tangee bird and Banana Split
Pellets Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Red, Winter White
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Fish oils, Corkers, Pukka pops and Beacons
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Red Squid we set out to produce a protein rich, easily digestible fishmeal food source that would keep catching year on year. It needs no prior introduction to a water and will work from the off already accounting for several UK carp over 40lb. A blend of several of the highest quality fishmeals, milk proteins, GLM, crushed oyster shell & of coarse the awesome Robin Red® combined with a great amino and fish oil based attractor package.
Red Squid Tangerine Squid Tangerine uses the same great basemix and amino package as our standard Red Squid but with an added fruit ester. This version allows you to tweak a baiting campaign or just add an extra dimension to a well established fishmeal bait. We feel the added Tangerine compliments the liver amino complex and blends into this highly digestible fishmeal boilie seamlessly.
Crab & Cray is a devastatingly fishy, crunchy, oily boilie that stinks to high heaven. Again a blend of digestible low temperature fishmeals, milk proteins, crushed shells and a high percentage of GLM added to an amino based flavor package with high oil content. An instantly recognizable food source with a real crunch which adds an extra dimension to this fishmeal bait. Warning not to be opened indoors!
HPC (High Pellet Content) has been developed to maximize your chances with pellet fed fish. This boilie is a blend of fishmeals and milk proteins added to a huge marine pellet content. You will however be pleased to know the bait contains a halibut pellet oil, Green Lipped Mussel and the underlying addition of the amazing Belechan.
Tangee bird  has been designed to be a high protein birdfood boilie with increased levels of milk proteins, egg biscuit and tigernut flour. The inclusion of a Tangerine Ester adds a distinctive note to this sweet, smooth, creamy bait. Available in its natural off white colour or you can add a distinctive orange for a visual dimension. It has turned into a great cold water bait and a great food source.
Banana Split is the most instant boilie in our range. This high food content bait is available in its natural form of off white with red flecks, or a pale pink colour. This boilie catches from the off on all waters alike. The banana, pear flavor is complimented with the ever faithful enzyme rich CSL to produce a sweet smelling yet creamy tasting bait. A real winner on lakes where the carp have had a battering on fishmeals.
Winterised infused fish oils are a combination of top quality natural fish oils, feeding stimulants and inducers combined with a distinctive label. They have a multitude of uses from glugging hookbaits, boilies, freebies and pellets to adding to stick mixes and groundbaits or using them neat in a PVA bag. The Infused oils will leak from the bait they have been added to up through the water coloum to attract fish through all levels.
Amino Food Glug - 250ml These liquid food glugs have been designed to release free aminos into your swim and around your hookbait, this glug can be introduced to pop ups, bottom baits, particles, groundbaits and stick mixes or used to cover your free offerings prior to introduction in your swim. You can't over dose your baits in this stuff and the longer you leave them soaking the better they get.
Corkers 16mm These cork ball pop up's are rolled for us by buoyant bait specialists 'HOOKERS' they are made using the same great base mixes and attractor packages as our freezer baits, they will pop up indefinitely and are identical to your bottom baits.

Pukka Pops 14mm These pop up boilies are made with the same great attractor package as our standard range that have been added to a buoyant, needle friendly, attractor leaking base mix. These baits will stay popped for days but have been designed to require only the minimum counterbalance weight to aid advanced presentations.
'Beacons' pop up's 10/14mm are designed to appeal to the carps natural sense of curiosity not only are they ultra bright but also uniquely flavoured with a combination of synthetic flavours and essential oils. Beacons are a real edge in fluro pop up's.
All Seasons Pellets, Spring
A combination of micro, small and medium sized pellets with an added visual dimension. A mix of High Milk Protein, Hemp, Betaine and Salmon Fry Pellets.This mix has been designed to give the fish all the attraction associated with small fast breakdown mixes but with an increased protein.
All Seasons Pellets, Summer
A combination of large and medium high oil, High Energy, food orientated pellets.This mix has been designed to get the dinner bells ringing and give the carp a substance food source. This mix creates an oil slick through the water column leaking natural and synthetic attractors.
All Seasons Pellets, Autum
A combination of medium and small pellets with a spicy note and an increased level of amino acids and enzymes. The mix includes Halibut, Betaine, CSL and Amino Pellets.This mix has been designed to appeal to all the carps feeding receptors and keep them eating into the cooler months.
All Seasons Pellets, Winter White
A combination of small fast breakdown pellets including Mini Halibut,Salmon Fry, Milk Protien and Mini CSL.This mix has been designed to breakdown in low water temperatures creating layers of attraction yet not allowing the carp to over feed.
All Seasons Pellets, Winter Red
A combination of small fast breakdown pellets including Mini Halibut,Salmon Fry, Spicy Red and Mini CSL.This mix has been designed to breakdown in low water temperatures creating layers of attraction yet not allowing the carp to over feed.
Beanies - £10.50

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